This is my favorite app and I hope it will be yours too. New version of PinLocation is called PinLocationPRO and is available at the App Store. Thanks for giving it a try.

The app was completely re-written in Swift and updated for iOS11. It's a lot more powerful and easier to use.

The app will be using location services available in your phone. If you want to see your location on the map, you need to enable them. You will be asked about that while you are installing the app. There are three options available:

IMPORTANT: Select Always available only if you want to see your updated location all the time without delay. PinLocation will be getting updates all the time (even if you are not using the app). If you do not need get the updates - lower the level to While you are using the app. You will save the battery by doing that.

PLEASE NOTE: You can change the setting later by

  1. Go to Setting
  2. Finding PinLocationPRO
  3. Select Location
  4. Allow Location Access

The blue dot in the middle of the map is placed where you are. The blue dot will be moving if you are moving. The bigger circle around blue dot represents current precision. The bigger the circle the precision is smaller.

Below, you can see the Main Screen of the app, called: the Map. You will see this screen when you start the app.

On the Map you can see your current address (bottom of the map, in blue). You can also hear the address if the sound is not muted. The address is updated as you are moving.

Main functions:
  1. Drop a pin. Pin will be placed on the blue circle (your current location) or if your location is not currently visible, it will be placed in the center of the map.

  2. Add a pin to your Favorite Locations. You'll be asked to give your pin a new name. New pin will be stored as last pin in the Recent section.

  3. You can see all your pins by clicking on Search icon (bottom toolbar, most right).

  4. Link with your friend (the most powerful feature of the app) and see each other's location on the map as you both are moving. You'll be able to find each other even on the crowded beach or in the woods.

  5. You can search for address or name of the famous place (use top toolbar, Address button). If the place, you are looking for, is found a pin will be placed on the map. You can also enter coordinates of the place you are looking for.

More functions:
  1. If you selected any of your locations from your Favorite Locations (and red pin is visible on the Map), you can:
    • see address of your destination
    • get distance to your destination
    • see direction to your destination
    • and launch Maps and get driving directions
  2. You can Mute the voice or Unmute it to hear your current address spoken by computer voice.

  3. You can Zoom out of the area to see bigger picture.

  4. You can switch to Options to set up starting point for your app.

... and more are available on the Map screen.